Recreation Center Projects​


Frequently asked questions

  1. When will the projects be completed?
    The facilities are anticipated to be open for the public in 2019.
  2. What is the project budget?
    The budget for design and construction of the three facilities is approximately $33M total. Each center has a budget of $11M.
  3. What amenities will the facilities include?
    The Chamizal and Alameda combination centers will include library components. Other amenities have been determined through careful planning, analysis and desired amenities identified through the community outreach efforts.
  4. How can I be involved?
    Community meetings were held for each of the three community centers in May 2017. An additional design open house and Artist workshop was held in October 2017. You can also submit comments by clicking on the Contact us link at the bottom of this webpage.
  5. When will construction start and how will it affect me?
    Construction is scheduled to start mid 2018. Every effort will be made to minimize the effects of the construction on the surrounding communities.
  6. How can I keep track of the project progress?
    Check this website frequently for updates.